Tuesday, 31 January 2012

超“夯”的段带蝴蝶结!Toffee Handmade Ribbon on sales !


Toffee Handmade Ribbon is ready for all lovely babies!
Faster grab while stock last.
(It's come with a small safety pin behind)
It's very nice to pin up your dress code while you are looking for a date with the one you love~
pin it up on your daily purse ... bag...clothes... dress or even your hair..

from left top to bottom :
a) beige + black lace
b) black + nude pink
c) black + beige lace
ALL RM3.50 each
from right top to bottom:
a) marron + black slim ribbon
RM 4.50
b) beige + black
c) black + red lace
ALL RM3.50
from middle top to bottom:
a) black + pink butterfly
b) nude pink + dark blue words
ALL RM3.50

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